It's perfectly okay to be proud of where you come from. The feeling you have when people talk highly about your hometown or home state. It can also go the other way, however, when people don't talk highly of where you come from, or they make assumptions about it.

A classic example is New York State.

If you're not from the State if New York, such as the south, west coast or Pacific Northwest, your first image of it when someone brings it up is likely New York City.

It's a common misconception that I hear from people who ask me questions when I say I'm from New York (Western New York).

"Oh, you're from the city, right?"

No, I am not from New York City. In fact, I'm from the opposite end of the state. I grew up 20 minutes north of Buffalo, which is my home city.

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In reality, most of New York is countryside. It's farmland. It's small towns that have populations of just a few thousand or even fewer, and it features tons of amazing places to go for a relaxing vacation, such as The Finger Lakes, Adirondacks and Lake Placid.

People assume New York is just a lot of city-like places with people who are, well, less than friendly. That's also not the case. The people of New York State are amazing and extremely kind and generous.

It's not entirely outsiders' fault -- I mean, just look at any movie or TV show; anything depicting New York is New York City and a city-like atmosphere.

There is much more to New York State than that.

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