We know that schools re-opening during the COVID-19 pandemic has been hot or miss here in Western New York with several hiccups along the way. And it seems the be that way across the entire state.

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Wallethub.com has released a new study ranking each state when it comes to the safety of reopening schools and New York State was ranked #22 overall.

Each state was ranked based on 15 different key metrics.

Our data set includes such things as the number of child COVID-19 cases per 100,000 children, the average public-school class size, and the ratio of students to school nurses.

The Top five states for re-opening were all in the Northeast with Vermont coming in #1 overall

See all the rankings here.

Source: WalletHub


Here in Western New York, several schools have already reported positive cases of COVID-19 in the schools.

For an updated look at the schools in the area, you can check out the New York State COVID-19 report card HERE. The numbers are updated on infections on school members both in-school and remote learning.

So far Amherst has had 3 reports of students testing positive, both Clarence and Sweet Home have reported one student each testing positive. Lewiston-Porter has reported 4 total students testing positive, 3 off-site, and one in school.


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