New York State's Attorney General has released the top consumer related complaints and while some are pretty obvious, there are some surprises.

It is tax season, and it seems that aside from the weather, people like to complain about the high taxes we have here in New York State. There never seems to be good news related to taxes here in New York.

But as we start a new week and the first full week of March, the list of complaints is beyond the high taxes.

According to the news release from Attorney General James:

The following are the top 10 most common types of consumer complaints received by OAG in 2023 by category:

1.Retail Sales
2. Landlord/Tenant
3. Aurtomobile
4. Credit, Banking, Mortgages
5. Consumer Services
6. Internet
7. Utilities
8. Home Improvement
9. Travel
10. Entertainement

For those who have a complaint, there is a way to reach New York State online.

As far as the weather goes, there is not much to complain about this week as some places have set or will set record high temperatures!

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