The emergency call involving the Buffalo Airport yesterday and a plane that lost a door was released yesterday and you can hear it below.

There was a scary situation that happened just around 6 PM yesterday. There was a small, private plane that was flying over Cheektowaga, New York when a small door fell off of the plane. The plane only had two people on it at the time: a pilot and a passenger. According to WGRZ, the plane was lost when it was flying over Losson Park.

Police are actively searching for the door still as of the following day. According to reports the plane did make an emergency landing and landed safely with no injuries. You can listen to the emergency call that was released by RawsAlerts on Twitter.

BNIA emergency responders were dispatched along the runway as a precaution, according to the air traffic control recording of the incident.

According to Police, the plane is reported to have had landed safely and parked near the Signature Aviation terminal.

No injuries or property damage has been reported", according to WGRZ.

Ironically, the incident happened on the 15th anniversary of the crash of Flight 3407 in Clarence, New York. A commercial flight crashed at night time in Clarence into a house killing 50 people during the incident. Unfortunately, some people thought, because of the timing, that the door falling off could be some kind of sick joke.

There have now been multiple occasions regarding plane doors recently that has the public feeling uneasy.

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