Proposed Laws May Not Let Your Animal On Plane in the Future
Well, you have to admit it seemed to be getting out of hand.
You know that when you go on a plane, you may see some service animals in all different capacities.
A few weeks ago not, U.S. Department of Transportation talked about changed that may change which animals can actually be in the cabin o…
Family Gets Kicked Off Of Plane Because They Smelled So Bad
Imagine this. You get on a plane and someone smells so bad that they have to get kicked off of a plane.
There was a husband and wife that was travelling with their small child and apparently smelled so bad that American Airlines kicked them off of the plane before the plane left Miami to Michigan...
Southwest Plane
"Be vewy, vewy quiet, we have weached your destination."
These are great! This Southwest Airlines flight attendant had passengers laughing thanks to his impressive Looney Tunes impersonations!
Airport Worker Caught
This video will sure have you wondering how often this really does happen. Too often we trust absolute strangers to get our very personal and sometimes expensive belongings from one place to another. We trust the airlines, airport and their employees, but that still doesn't mean that every pers…
Airplane Disaster
I'm sure United Airlines is going to get quite the backlash from this episode that happened over the weekend.
A woman was kicked off a flight for no good reason, so her fellow passengers booed the flight attendant responsible for the ugly incident, a witness said...

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