Tonight, an emergency call was placed and police are now actively looking for a plane door that has fallen off an aircraft mid-flight.

There was a call that came from Buffalo Niagara International Airport that went to the Cheektowaga Police about the door.

In addition there was an emergency landing 15 minutes before the call, at the time it is not 100% clear that they are related incidents. The plane was a small, private plane and the pilot and passenger are reportedly safe.

After the news was circulating on social media, some found it eerie this incident is occuring 15 years to the day of Flight 3407, where 50 lives were lost after a plane crashed into a home in Clarence, New York. The crash of Flight 3407 sparked initiative for new laws for aviation guidelines in the United States.

According to Southtowns Scanner on Facebook: The aircraft was approaching the Buffalo Niagara International Airport (BNIA) when the door came off the plane. The call to Cheektowaga came from BNIA.

There was also a reported aircraft emergency landing about 15 minutes prior. It's unknown to us if these two calls are related."

We have reached our to the Cheektowaga Police and are awaiting response.

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