Remember when the movie "Planes, Trains, And Automobiles came out and everyone went crazy about it because it was filmed here?  It's getting a makeover...and it's gonna be big.

The movie came out in 1987 and it was huge in Western New York.  Mostly it was because it starred two of the biggest comedy actors at that time, but also because some of the scenes were very recognizable.  The should have been anyway...they were filmed here in Western New York.

In the movie, John Candy and Steve Martin are kind of forced to team up for a road trip back to see their families in time for Thanksgiving.

If you've seen the movie, you may remember the scene where John Candy and Steve Martin are driving in a car that had been set on fire the night before.  They get pulled over and you can tell that it was clearly filmed on the 219.

The irony is that 78 might not even get you pulled over on that stretch of the 219 these days.

According to Deadline, it's going to be re-made.

This time out, the stars will be Will Smith and Kevin Hart.   Not only will they be starring in the film, but Hart’s Hartbeat Productions and Smith’s Westbrook Studios will also be producing it.   Aeysha Carr will write the script.  She's famous for the television show "Brooklyn 99."

Being that John Candy was kind of the comic relief of the movie and Steve Martin was more of a straight man, the guess would be that Hart would play Candy's character and Smith would play Martin's.

Unfortunately, there isn't much more info on the project.   We will look forward to a release date.  Let's be honest...we are looking forward to being able to go out to watch any movies again...

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