There is a good chance that at some point this President's week, you will buy something with a credit card. Most people in New York State, based on the national average reported by Fortune magazine, have 3-4 cards with as much as $30,000 in available credit. Cash might be king, but these days not many people carry it or even have it.

The inflation rate is soaring and prices are downright ridiculous. It takes credit or credit cards to try to buy things and the interest rates may swamp you and make it seem impossible to get ahead.

Not all credit cards are the same. When you find a good one, that offers benefits for using it, you tend to stick to using that one more often than others. There is word today that two popular credit card companies may be part of each other soon. What will it mean for Discover card users?

According to a report from ABC News, this may be a big help when it comes to paying back the credit you use on the cards you have.

With its purchase of Discover, Capital One is betting that Americans’ will continue to increasingly use their credit cards and keep balances on those accounts to collect interest.

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