It is one of the most stressful times of the year; tax season is well underway and there is a free way to file here in Western New York.

When you do file your taxes, don't be surprised if the refund is not what you expected or is as good as last year. The average tax refund is down across the board. However, based on personal experience, the refund are coming back relatively quickly, especially if you choose direct deposit.

But it is the headache, frustration and pressure of filing that has most people on edge. But there is some good news as the IRS has chosen all of New York State, including the Buffalo region, as a place to use their "Direct File" program.

According to reports, Direct File will be available beginning on March 12th. But, it'll only be able to help people who have certain tax situations.

Just be aware that while the Federal portion is free, in certain situations, there is likely a State filing fee.

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