If You Didn’t Get Your Tax Refund Yet Here Is Why
There are two types of people in the world.
Ones that scramble to get their tax documents and find someone to help them do theme days before they are due.
And then there are the people that want their money FIRST. Right out of the gate, they meet with their accountant on day #1 and hope that in no tim…
IRS Call?
Did you get one of these calls? When a random numbers calls your phone, do you just ignore and allow it to go to voicemail? Here is a voice mail that I received alleging to be from the Internal Revenue Service.
Batavia Phone Number Being Used in an IRS Scam
The Batavia Police Department are investigating a scam that claims that they are the IRS using phone numbers that are from the City of Batavia. The scammers will call and say they are collecting funds for the IRS and they need to be put into an account within an hour to avoid arrest...
New Buffalo Scams
Scammers are nothing new in Western New York and officials are warning local residents about two new tactics that are being used. It is normal to see more scam attempts during tax season, but one of these doesn't even have anything to do with the IRS or your taxes...

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