Sure, we have all seen photos of a lunar eclipse. Perhaps you have even taken a selfie or two with the moon as the backdrop? But in 2024 you may not see the moon as it may disappear.

The moon is one of the toughest things to get on your phone. It mostly ends up as a small, blurry dot instead of the award winning photo that you hoped for. However, when you get a good shot of the moon, you probably show it to everyone!

There is one guy who has made it his lifelong dream not to only get a good shot of the moon, but to make it vanish!

During his visit to The Today Show, David Copperfield said he is ready for his next big stunt!

The legendary illusionist, who counts making the Statue of Liberty disappear and walking through the Great Wall of China among his many accomplishments, has announced he is working on a bold new stunt.

“I’m going to make the moon disappear,” he said Oct. 27 on TODAY.

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We are looking ahead to some great things in space in 2024. In fact, much of New York State is prepping for a solar eclipse! Get your glasses and popcorn ready, it is about to be exciting.

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