There is a big change to the rules for those who play youth hockey in New York State. The safety of the kids who play and participate in sports in The Empire State is always a priority and USA Hockey has added a new regulation.

Hockey is one of the biggest sports for young kids in much of New York State. In fact, as you read this, no matter the time of day, there is a young kid playing or practicing somewhere on a rink in New York. Hockey families know that the season never really ends and there are leagues playing year round.

USA Hockey has updated it's equipment policy and will now require extra neck protection for those under 18.

WFXB reports that:

The International Ice Hockey Federation has since also mandated neck guards for players at all levels at the tournaments it runs.

Those who follow Buffalo Sabres hockey recall the night that former goalie Clint Malarchuk was cut. The neck guard discussion goes as far back as 1989.

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