BREAKING: Bills Stadium Gets New Name
1 Bills Drive has a brand new name tonight!
The signs will get turned over in the next few months as we celebrate a new home for the Buffalo Bills: Highmark Blue Cross Blue Shield Stadium.
“We are proud to welcome Highmark to the Buffalo Bills family and we are thrilled to partner with them on a new n…
Oh Man, Did Anyone See This In The Paper Yesterday?
Sad, but true.
The Buffalo Sabres lost last night. Again. Making it their 11th straight loss in a row and only garnishing 2 points total from overtime loses in those 11 games. They dropped a game 6-0 to the visiting Washington Capitals...
The Maple Leafs May Move To Buffalo For Playoffs?
As of right this second, the United States and Canada border is still shut down and looking forward could cause some headaches for the NHL as the Stanley Cup playoffs happen in June.
If you get access to cross the border, you need to quarantine in Canada for 14 days. Obv...
Are The Buffalo Sabres For Sale?
At this point, it is no surprise that the Sabres are doing this bad. What is actually going on?
It's like, real bad.
With that amount of talent individually, how can you not generate a winning team. Even a slightly competitive team...
Watch The Dylan Cozens Fight From Last Night’s Sabres Game
We all know the Sabres are on the struggle bus. It is not good. It's brutal. We all know it.
Dylan Cozens, the 20 year old, seventh overall pick by the Sabres in the 2019 NHL Draft, tossed some nice right handers to Ryan Lindgren of the New York Rangers, but social media was all over it of cours…
The 3 People Who Have The ‘Key To The City of Buffalo’
We were talking the other day during Clay and Company about how to get the Key of the City.
It's something that is done in cities all over America...usually for doing extraordinary things, but there is one guy who has the Key to the City of Buffalo that is a little 'laugh out lo…
Buffalo Bills + Sabres Pumpkin Carving Templates
There are some super creative people out there in Western New York. Everyone is getting ready now that this is the week for Halloween. COVID-19 may have changed some of your family's trick-or-treating traditions this year, but one thing that isn't going away is the creative pumpkin carvers…
BREAKING: Buffalo Sabres Fire GM Jason Botterill
It was something Sabres fans could see coming eventually, and owners, Terry and Kim Pegula made the decision to fire Buffalo Sabres Fire GM Jason Botterill, Tuesday, June 16. As for the Sabres fans? They can't seem to be any more happier.
Buffalo Sabres Fans Rank 5th in NHL
The only thing that we should be arguing is that we need to be a bit higher on this list. Buffalo fans ranked 5th according to the annual list put our by Forbes.
They took a lot of criteria into consideration, too. TV ratings, attendance, secondary ticket demand, merch and social media reach.


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