This is actually pretty good. THESE are the cheapest prices to go to every Buffalo Bills game or every Buffalo Sabres game for the new season.

Here are the cheapest season tickets for 2024 for both teams:

  • BUFFALO SABRES - $1119 for season tickets
  • BUFFALO BILLS - $611 for the season tickets

$1,730 would be your total to have season tickets for both teams. Now, that's certainly a lot of games you would go to in 1 year, but doesn't that seem

Yes, that includes tax.


The Season Ticket package price will increase by an average of 10%. The Bills will have 8 regular season home games and 2 home preseason games.

  • GA Packages range from $611-$2056 and the average GA Package is $1146, so the cheapest is $611. That's not bad to see the most popular team in football.
  • Club Packages range from $2150-$5307 and the average Club Package is $3180


There are quite a few levels of seasons tickets that you can buy. The most expensive is the Rinkside VIP seats that are right along the glass, or at least close to it. Those tickets are $6449 for the season.

There are a couple of tiers for the 200s, 100s and a bunch for the 300s. The cheapest season tickets are $1119 and those tickets are in the corners of the 300s.

If you become a season ticket holder for the Buffalo Sabres, some of the new benefits of being a season ticket holder are: able to buy a suit for a game, but get a $500 discount, preferred pricing on beers and food at the arena. It was 20% off this year for season ticket holders. You get a QR code and you just have it scanned right at the arena.

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