Raise your hand if you are ready for Halloween! Our kids are so excited and the hardest part seems to be which outfit or costume to choose!

For those without little ones, it may be difficult to understand why the hype is so large, so early! But regardless if you love Halloween or not, you have seen dozens of advertisements and candy displays everywhere! Walk in to any store and they are filled with both candy and Christmas as the two holidays seem to combine lately.

Before you decide the candy you want to hand out or keep on hand for the family, there is a new warning and a recall for a popular candy that you might see in stores.

CANDY RECALLS: More than 145,000 Rolling Candy products are being recalled after a 7-year-old died from choking on a ball, while nearly 70 million Slime Licker Sour Rolling Liquid Candy products are being recalled because of a potential choking hazard.

Have you gotten a pumpkin yet? Many were curious about what the crop might be like this year after the rather dry summer we had. But from what I have seen, the pumpkins look amazing and there are no supply issues as they are just about everywhere!

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