If you are looking for a job that pays above minimum wage, Target stores and distribution centers in New York state could see an increase in starting wages that surpass minimum wage by approximately $10.

It is no secret that there have been staffing shortages all over the state in local and national businesses. That’s why Target stores are looking to adjust their starting wages to be as high as $24 an hour this year.

On Monday, Target said it will adopt minimum wages that range from $15 to $24 an hour – with the highest pay going to new hires in the more competitive markets. As of now, the company currently pays a universal starting wage of at least $15 an hour.

With the new starting wage proposition, the company will spend an approximate $300 million additionally on its labor force this year, which also includes quicker access to health care coverage for their valued workers as well. 

The huge demand for workers has a direct link to the increase in wages. For context, the average pay for retail workers is closer to $19 per hour now, higher than it was last year. 

Every place in New York seems to be hiring, but at Target, at least you are guaranteed $15/hr minimum.

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