The top names from tractor and truck pulling in New York were ready to take on the competition on a national stage! Adam Draudt, of MAD Pulling Pics was on hand to capture the event in Louisville!

The 49th annual national farm machinery show put on a great show! Showcasing the top pulling vehicles from around the world, the 4 day event draws millions of people to the farm show as well as the tractor pull every night.
WNY was proud to have some local vehicles is the mix this year competing. Here are the results. Though non of them won the event, fans can still be proud to have WNY represented.

Erv Clark - Taz toy TWD - 11th place finish

Joe Eder - GEICO 75th edition -MOD 9th place finish

Henry Everman - final decision- diesel super stock - 10th place finish

Henry Everman - forced decision - light super stock - 14th place finish

John Raymond - smoke n Mirrors- diesel super stock - 9th place finish

Jason hootman - the commander - light super stock - 2nd place finish

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