There is gold in them there hills! Go west young man! There are dozens of other famous quotes in US history that encouraged people to pack up and head west to seek gold! History is about to repeat itself according to some reports.

The recent winter sure was interesting to say the least. Whether you buy in to the notion of climate change or not, you have to admit that this past winter gave us some of the weirdest weather we have seen in decades. In California, there were historic amounts of snow that fell and piled up and the snow is starting to melt. It is what is under the melting snow and ice that has many headed to California in droves again.

Gold rush 2.0 is underway and many from New York State are making their way to California to get there hands on what could be a jackpot!

According to reports out of California:

Prospectors should expect to find “several different pockets of gold” in relatively shallow waters, as the snowmelt washes “all that material into the waterway,” according to Dayton. The heavier pieces, he explained, will stay up at higher altitudes.

Spring and summer are here! Let the road trip season begin. If you don't have plans and are looking for an adventure, a trip to California may be perfect!

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