The fall is here and many high school students are trying to consider and finalize where they want to go for their next level of schooling and there is good news in the Niagara Region to start the week.

We are so blessed to have a natural wonder of the world right here in our backyard. Niagara Falls Ontario and New York draw millions of visitors every year and now you can add classmates and families to that list.

Niagara Falls Canada Is Getting A New University!

But not everyone who learned the news today is a fan of the move. Will this increase the amount of students lingering around the parks and the Niagara Falls area? What does this mean for the future of the region?

After two long years of being cooped up and not being able to travel in and out of Canada, any progress seems like good news. It appears that Niagara Falls University will be based mostly on the digital side of things and should draw potential students from Toronto to Buffalo,NY.

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