Most people go out to eat on a Friday and Saturday night. Sometimes a Thursday is a sneaky popular night for people to go out to a local restaurant in Western New York.

During the summer and fall, however, really any day of the week is a popular day to go out and sometimes because of schedules, people find that a Tuesday or Wednesday is the best night to go out to eat.

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If you live in the City of Buffalo, you know there are many places that are popular for wings but few as well-known for their wings as Nine-Eleven Tavern in South Buffalo.

Nine-Eleven Tavern is located on Bloomfield Avenue in South Buffalo but they are only open certain hours, which are between 4:30-8:30 pm (kitchen hours).

They have been closed on Tuesdays for a while and many people were wondering if they would reopen for Tuesdays.

They announced this week that they will be back open on Tuesdays.

Nine-Eleven is one of those dive bars that serves up amazing food and are regarded by locals as one of the best places for wings in Western New York.

I love going to all kinds of restaurants near where I live, which can include weekday nights. Sometimes you just need a good Tuesday or Wednesday to blow off some steam and have great food and drinks.

You'll find some interesting hours of operation in Western New York but that's what makes these places legendary in Buffalo.

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