If you have ever been to a fair or lawn fete, you probably have played the game where you can win a goldfish! But how long did your fish live and how big did it get? I bet it wasn't this big!

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Can you imagine what it would take to feed that thing at home? The theory is that the fish got too big and someone put it in the lake. I understand that goldfish will grow as big as their environment allows. If you have a small tank, a fish will only grow so big. But the larger the aquarium, the larger the fish can get and it may have become too much to handle?

My father had a rule for the five of us kids. No live things were allowed to be brought home. We loved going to the fair each summer but it would be hard to keep up if all of us were to win fish or any other animals. My sister won a rabbit once and it "ran away" a few weeks after we got it home.

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