If you are taking a trip this spring break season you may encounter plenty of families on board that flight! It can be a little frustrating when you are trying to have a relaxing trip and there are strollers, extra bags and kids everywhere! As a father of three under 7 and one on the way, I have been on both sides of that spectrum when I have traveled.

There is nothing like taking a vacation/holiday and getting out of town for a few days. Here in New York State, the winters seem to drag on even more and the cold and snow seems to really dig in later in the season. It was just this past weekend that we had the threat of lake effect snow again. A trip to the beach sounds great!

When you fly with kids, there are so many variables at play. If that kid is a little baby or infant, even a one-hour flight can seem like eternity. As a parent,I want you to know that we also hear that baby and are constantly trying to calm them. However, things may change for parents who fly with babies and the little ones may have to be placed in their own seat.

Most, hopefully all, airlines will tell you that their first priority is the safety of the passengers and crew on board. Airline professionals are pushing to get a policy change to keep babies off of laps and in their own seats.

I just flew this past weekend with our oldest son. He is 6 and although he has flown a few times, there are still moments when it can be a challenge keeping him entertained or seated. We flew with all three boys last spring and it still gives me anxiety thinking about it. However, we paid for each ticket and it still was easier than a ten hour car ride.

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