It's been a really slow season for our deer hunting group in Caneadea. So far, we have only harvested a six point, a spike and two does. Normally we have about three times that many by now. But if it were easy, everyone would be doing it.

However, it was still a great weekend. There's nothing that clears my head and relaxes me like sitting in my treestand. That's the place where I do my best thinking, and some praying as well. I feel pretty close to God when I am sitting in the woods. for me personally, it is one of the best places I can be.

The people I hunt with are like family to me. They are the brothers I never had. My father was best friends in high school with the father of four of the brothers I hunt with. I think that's a pretty cool connection.

The photo you see in this post was taken by me on Saturday morning as I sat in my treestand. I am very lucky to be able to enjoy that view.

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