Archery season opened early this year on Oct. 1. It usually opens on Oct. 15. People have different philosophies when it comes to bowhunting. Some folks will take any deer that comes along, which is fine. To each their own. My son harvested a doe in Hinsdale a couple of weeks ago.

My bowhunting philosophy is a little bit different. I like to harvest the big bucks with my bow. I let the smaller deer walk on by. Archery season for me is more about relaxing in my treestand and enjoying nature. I spent several hours on Saturday afternoon in my tree stand in Akron in the pouring rain. It was quite enjoyable as I was warm and dry because I had the right gear on. I saw a flock of about 8 turkeys, but no deer. But that's OK, there's still plenty of time left in the season.

If you harvest any big bucks and would like to share your photos, please email me at:   Good Luck and please be safe!  JLM

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