There is nothing like a good truck. For some, a pickup is more than just a vehicle. It can be an office on wheels or a necessary tool for the job they have. No matter the reason that you love the truck you have, there is a plan in place that may not be the news you want to hear.

From pulling a boat or camper, to plowing snow and hauling big equipment, there are some situations that require the power of an HD pickup. Even a medium duty truck like an F150 or Chevy or Ram 1500 would do in some cases. New York State has specifically targeted these trucks and the days of them being fueled by a gas or diesel v-8 engine are coming to an end.

In an effort to become less dependent on combustion engines and fossil fuels, New York State has announced that it will phase out the sale of new trucks that are powered by these combustion engines.

By the 2035 model year, at least 55 percent of all new Class 2b-3 pickup trucks and vans, 75 percent of all new Class 4-8 trucks, and 40 percent of all new Class 7-8 tractors sold in New York State will be zero-emission. The proposed regulation provides medium- and heavy-duty truck manufacturers with several compliance options and would require a one-time reporting from applicable truck fleets.

The legislation, introduced by New York state senator Pete Harckham, also requires new heavy- and medium-duty trucks for sale in New York to be in the “zero-emissions” category by 2045.

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