Niagara Falls High School has a new principal and now they have a new rule on food deliveries during the school day. According to the new principal, Cynthia Jones, when she was observing the school at the end of the last school year she would see a food delivery at least once a day, which she thinks causes distractions all around. That's why this year the high school will prohibit parents from delivering fast food to kids during the school hours.

In a report from WGRZ, Jones said,

"In some cases, students might call their parents and says mom or dad can you bring me something from a store or something from a fast food restaurant? Well that comes into the building during instructional time, well then that takes time away from that teacher who has to write a pass for that student to come downstairs."

When asked about parents dropping off a forgotten lunch? Jones replied, "I don’t see any issue with parents dropping off lunches for their kids, I can see that every once in a while."

It should be noted the school does offer free breakfast and lunch to all students.

You can read the full report from WGRZ here and watch the report HERE.

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