If you love movies and look forward to some adventure and action, there is a new trend in film that will change some things you get to see.

I have to admit, I love a good fight scene. I am an old school kind of guy and loved the Rocky films and movies like Rambo  and Delta Force from back in the day. However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, some filmmakers are going to have to use other ways to simulate the fight scenes in action films.

This is an international issue and in Thailand, they have already started to plan for the new normal in movies.

Actors are returning to work but must now follow social distancing rules during scenes to avoid spreading coronavirus.  The film industry plans to use special effects and camera angles in post production to fill in gaps.

According to a story from The Guardian:

Thailand’s film industry has been instructed not to shoot any love scenes, fighting or acts that involve close contact, to avoid the spread of the coronavirus.

Our house has been on a kid friendly movie marathon because of the boys. We watch cartoons and lots of Disney. However, our oldest son does like Power Rangers shows. The days of using real actors or stunt doubles for the fight scenes may be a thing of the past. The special affects and graphics that are available now make anything seem like it is real life or real people. The newest Lion King is a perfect example of how things can be done using computers generated images and not real animals or people.


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