The next time you travel you may notice that there are less "scary dogs" sniffing around.

According to a report from the Washington Examiner and The TSA:

“We’ve made a conscious effort in TSA… to use floppy ear dogs,” says TSA honcho David Pekoske. “We find the passenger acceptance of floppy ear dogs is just better. It presents just a little bit less of a concern, doesn’t scare children.”

Beagles, labs and other "floppy ear" breeds are going to be used more often in airports.

My father in law was a K9 officer and I was around some of the more intimidating breeds like German shepherds and rottweilers. But if you are not used to seeing them or being up close to them, I guess they can seem a tad scary?

TSA Agents Hold Demonstration With Explosives Detection Dogs
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