The next time you go to grab a container to put the leftovers in it may look a little different. There are few things that are more frustrating at the house or in the kitchen than when you try to find a lid for that container and you literally have every single lid except for the one you need. Soon there may be a lack of all lids and even the containers to go with them.

For years my mother would worship her Pyrex bowls and cups and containers and then along came an alternative. The growth of parties and promotions surrounding Tupperware made just about every homemaker want even more of the convenient, plastic containers. Fast forward to 2023 and we may be seeing the end of Tupperware.

It was announced late Monday that Tupperware may have to consider going out of business and that would me the end of sales around New York State.

Concerns for Tupperware came after the New York Stock Exchange warned the company's stock could be de-listed because it didn't file an annual report for 2022. While Tupperware said it plans to file a report within the next 30 days, it added "there can be no assurance" it "will be filed at such time."

Walk in to just about every home in New York State and you will likely see at least one Tupperware item. It may be a drink pitcher or leftover container or cup or bowl. As a matter of fact, Tupperware says there is one item that has sold better than most others.

What is the future of Tupperware? We will wait and see. However, you have to imagine that this could boost the value of what you have at the house. That is if you can find the proper lid for the containers that you have.

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