Summer is full of nostalgia.  If you want to bring back happy memories from your childhood or make some with your kids, you need to see this list.

Do you remember how cool it was to be on summer vacation as a kid?  Hopefully, the second your last day of school was over, you went home for a summer full of sleepovers at friends' houses, playing outside, and doing some really cool stuff with your family.  Remember how happy these things made you?

We were lucky in my house.  I'm not bragging about that, I'm just incredibly grateful to my parents and well aware of how much it took to get it all done.  When we were kids, our parents took us to all kinds of cool places.  We would host people from out-of-town a lot and when they were here, we would always go out of our way to "show them the sites" and do all the fun stuff there was to do in Buffalo.  There were late nights by bonfires catching fireflies and long days just swimming all day in the pool.

We would go to Darien Lake, take hikes at parks, and plan picnics any time there was someone here to host.  As a parent myself, I've come to realize how much effort there was involved in that.  Not only did you have to have the time off, you'd have to plan it out, and then pay for it.

But my parents somehow made it happen.

Then when we grew up, we somehow just stopped doing these things.  Think about it.  How long has it actually been since you've gone to Darien Lake and actually went into the park?  What's the last time that you visited Niagara Falls like you were a tourist?  If it's been a while, maybe it's time to check out this list and make a plan for this summer. Ask yourself how long it's actually been since you did these things.

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