The price of everything has gone up over the last couple of years.  So where do you go to get the best corn on the cob for cheap in Western New York?

Is there anything better than an ear of corn on the cob that has been rolled in butter and dusted with a little salt in the summertime?  Throw it on the grill, boil it, cook it directly in the fire, heck, you can even put it right in the microwave and it comes out perfect almost every time.

Sadly, we only get this delicacy for a limited time so when they start to pick it, we eat it up in Western New York.

While driving around the other day, my wife and I saw a sign that they had corn on the cob but it was almost $8.00 a dozen and I was surprised.  I've never felt as old as I did when I said out loud that I remember when a dozen ears of corn were about four bucks!

So where are people getting the best price on good corn these days?  Obviously prices can change from day to day so they could easily change by the time I hit publish on this post, but I asked that question on Facebook and got these answers:

The consensus in the comments seemed to be for George's Produce Market (on Wehrle Drive in Williamsville, Harris Farms in Gasport, and multiple places in Eden, New York.

Where is your favorite cheap corn-on-the-cob stand in Western New York?  Make sure to add it in the comments.

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