If you were being protected by the Secret Service, what would your code name be?  If you’re trying to stay below the radar, avoid bill collectors or whatever, maybe a “code name” might help.

Secret Service codenames are a throwback to the time before electronic transmissions were encrypted. Although they serve no practical security function today, the US Army Signal Corps still assigns codenames mostly out of tradition.

Here are a few codenames for your entertainment pleasure:

Joe Biden is Celtic.  His wife is Capri.George Bush is Tumbler.  Bill Clinton is Eagle.  President Obama is Renegade.  His wife is Renaissance.  Even his kids have codenames, Radiance and Rosebud.  Sara Palin is Denali.  Frank Sinatra was Napoleon.

CNN’s HLN division has put  out a Secret Service Codename generator.  You can click here to find out what your own unique codename might be.

Next time you get yourself in a bind, it wasn’t me, it was (insert codename here).  Have fun!

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