Just in time for Halloween, its the “Forbes” list of top earning dead celebrities.  Who brought in more money than any other deceased celebrity last year?  May I have the envelope please.  And the winner is Elizabeth Taylor.  Liz exhumed 210 million bucks last year topping the list of celebrities who are no longer of this world.  She surpassed her long time pal Michael Jackson who earned a substantial sum of 145 million dollars last year.  Most of Ms. Taylor’s money came from the sale of jewelry, costumes and art sold at auction last year.  The rest of the dough came from Taylor’s property, residual movie sales and the sale of Taylor’s White Diamonds perfume.

Here is the Forbes top ten earning dead famous folks:

1). Elizabeth Taylor – 210 million

2). Michael Jackson – 145 million

3).  Elvis Presley – 55 million

4).  Charles Schultz – 37 million

5).  Bob Marley – 17 million

6). John Lennon – 12 million

7). Marilyn Monroe – 10 million

8).  Albert Einstein – 10 million

9). Theodore Geisel – 9 million

10). Steve McQueen – 8 million

10). Bettie Page – 8 million

Who says you can’t take it with you!  Have a happy and safe Halloween!


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