NYS has been administering tests for their students to see if their teaching practices are working.  Some of those tests have had to be delayed this week after a computer glitch was discovered.

I'm not sure if it will cause more anxiety to have them delayed or if it will be a relief that they will not have to take the tests, but the computer based ELA tests will be delayed after a computer glitch was found.

According to WKBW, the NYSED (New York State Education Department) has issued this statement:

"In light of reports of Computer Based Testing (CBT) technical difficulties from the field, NYSED has designated tomorrow as a CBT non-testing day. Therefore, there will be no CBT testing tomorrow.

NYSED expects seamless administration of its CBT program and we will use this time to work with Questar to ensure the system will operate smoothly when CBT resumes. In addition, NYSED will work with schools to provide guidance on how to resolve outstanding issues with today’s CBT administration.

We thank our districts and schools for their incredible support and patience as we work through these issues.

Questar reports more than 84,000 testing sessions were submitted today. Questar has dispatched additional staff around the state to provide technical assistance to schools.

To provide additional flexibility to schools, NYSED has extended the testing window for CBT ELA."


This applies only to districts who administer the tests through computers.  The paper based tests will still be taken.


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