Summer should be a happy time here in New York State. The Empire State is full of places to visit in the nice weather, and now that families are getting to spend more time together, they should be able to do so without a care in the world. 

Unfortunately, in today’s day and age, we know that’s not always the case. Caution and fear regarding our personal safety could potentially throw a wrench in any summertime plans

An eye-opening new poll confirms that many New York State residents have the issue of crime at the top of their minds, and our worries could be at an all-time high.

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New Poll Shows New York State Is More Worried About Crime Than Ever

New York State is struggling with a growing concern that is continuing to grip its residents.

The latest poll from the Siena College Research Institute (SCRI) revealed that an overwhelming number of New York State residents are anxious about their safety. 

According to SCRI’s data, 61% of New Yorkers are worried that they might be a victim of a crime. The poll also showed 51% of New York State residents have been concerned about their or their family’s safety in public places (including schools, stores or houses of worship), and 36% have felt threatened over the past year in a public place by a stranger’s behavior.

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The data from the poll is also conflicting. Most respondents claimed they are no more worried than ever about crime, however, 41% of New York State residents across most demographic groups said they’ve never been this worried about their personal safety.

Dan Levy, director of SCRI, wonders if this high level of concern is the worst it’s ever been, stating:

“Crime and the threat of crime is on the minds of many of us as we simply go through our everyday lives.”

New York Residents Are Spending More Money On Safety

The Siena poll also showed how much money that people in New York State are sinking into making themselves feel safer in their homes.

Siena College Crime Poll Results
Siena College Research Institute/Canva

Forty percent of Empire state residents shelled out $100 or more within the last year on goods or services that make them feel safer or more protected from crime (like home security camera and motion sensor lights), and 12%  have spent more than $500. 

Other Frightening Statistics Revealed In New York State Poll

SCRI unveiled many other data points than point to how disturbed New Yorkers are when it comes to the level of crime in the state.

Over the past year, residents stated:

  • 38% witnessed violent or threatening behavior among others in public
  • 16% have been the victim of identity theft
  • 9% have been physically assaulted
  • 9% have been the victim of a burglary
  • Men are more likely than women to have been victimized
  • Younger residents have been more affected than older New Yorkers

We hope that New York State’s anxiety about crime doesn’t put too much of a damper on the fun summer season. Fear of being a victim can radically affect so many aspects of our lives, from which activities we choose to do to if we decide to venture out after dark.

Hopefully, the proactive steps that New Yorkers are taking to stay safe will ease our stress about crime, leading to more fulfilling and fun summertime memories with our loved ones.

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