It started with a tweet, and ends with pizza.

Heather Getz of Ohio posted the following tweet yesterday regarding her son's upcoming birthday.

With more than 3K likes and almost 200 suggestions for pizza, it appeared the decision was made for her son.

Then one local pizzeria stepped in -- because who really wants to make a choice like that on their birthday? If you ask me, a trip to Buffalo, tons of Buffalo pizza and a Nintendo Switch sound pretty good to a 40 year old, let alone a 10 year old.

According to WKBW, Franco's Pizza doesn't want the kid to make that decision either.

“We all travel and when we travel, we miss the pizza. So, we check out the local pizza shop, and then we have it and we’re like it’s not the same as it is in Buffalo,” explained Franco’s Pizza Marketing Director Walter Smietana.


“Franco said right away we should get him the Switch. I think it’s fantastic,” Smietana said.

Heather Getz is originally from Buffalo, and she had bought some Franco's pizza for her son during her last visit home, and was overwhelmed by his reaction.

So when her son, Kenly, was about to turn 10 -- she gave him the choice -- a trip to Buffalo, or a Nintendo Switch. When his mom said yes, pizza was part of the trip -- Kenly picked Buffalo.

“Most kids, video games are life. So, I thought it was funny that he didn’t even think of it. Buffalo pizza holds no competition,” she explained to WKBW.


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