I feel the need to come clean.  I thought it was ridiculous at first.  Now I find myself being that guy.  I'm putting my iPad in other people's faces and saying, "you gotta see this tik tok."

I'll admit I thought it was pretty stupid at first too.  I was really reluctant to download the app.  I had no idea what it was.  A bunch of people dancing to short snippets of songs?  Not for me.  I'll pass.

Then I watched one that was funny.  Then I watched another.  Before I knew it, I had spent 4 hours from 7 until 11pm watching these stupid little videos.

And I'm not alone.


Here's what I know - lots of people have more time on their hands these days.  Whether you are not working at all right now, you're working from home, or you're an essential worker, most people are spending their downtime much differently.  They aren't running around from sports practice or school events for their kids.  They aren't out shopping or eating in restaurants. They're not at bars and clubs.  They're at home either working on house chores, watching TV, or playing on their phones.

So, that being said, don't judge.  Everyone has their guilty pleasures.  I am just brave enough to admit mine.  I'm still not really brave enough to record a bunch of these things to share with people though.  I'd say I'm still in the 3rd stage of the video above.  But man, I could watch all day.  They crack me up.  And I've seen some really cool things that people can do.  They really are amazing.

Judge if you will.  It takes my mind off of what is going on around me.  It's not political (for the most part), it's not news.  It's purely something that is meant to make people forget the stresses of the world.  And for me, it's working.

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