A few of the Bills players were asked during an interview if they would like to be "lined up" real quick.  Their reaction is priceless.

When we were little we got one haircut in the beginning of summer.  My parents would sit us on the back deck and bring out the clippers.  Then they would shave our heads and that haircut would last us all summer long.

Evidently, that's not how it works for the Buffalo Bills.  During a social media interview lately, they were asked if they could just get "lined up" real quick.  Almost every single one of them was adamantly against it.  There were only two of them that were adventurous enough to let them near their head with the clippers.  It was cornerback Ja'Marcus Ingram and tight end Dawson Knox, and he was even a little particular about how much they took off.

The video is below, but make sure you stay until the end.  It's worth it.

Keon Coleman was so calm when he said no.  "Never.  You will lose a finger," he said.

With the Bills being so particular about their hair, it makes you wonder how much they're willing to pay their barbers.  And how much must they have to trust someone before they'll give them a chance?

We are about to see the Bills up close and personal as they're getting ready to open training camp in about a month.  They will be returning to St. John Fisher College in Rochester once again with the first practice set to start on July 24th.

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