The oldest home in Western New York is turning 214 years old and you've probably passed it a ton and never realized.

Why is it called the Hull House?

It was built about 1810 by Warren Hull, one of Erie County's earliest pioneers. It is in the Federal style and includes the family burial plot in the rear of the property. It is the oldest stone house in western New York and is currently owned by the Hull Family home association. Some say that the Hull House was very instrumental in the Underground Railroad.

What is the history behind it? 

From the site of the Hull House, the only fully restored stone dwelling of the early 1800's in Erie county, 200 years of history can be told – the Revolutionary War, the War of 1812 & the burning of Buffalo, the opening and impact of the Erie Canal, early pioneer life, the Abolitionist movement, and much more on into the 20th century.
Can I go visit the Hull House?
Yes. When they are open you can go visit the Hull House, or you can schedule a tour and it is very simple to do.

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