Drones are flying over homes for hours over night and it has residents feeling uneasy and mad.

In the Neighbors app, someone posted that there were 3-4 drones that were flying unusually low. In fact, others were saying they have been annoyed by the drones as well. Apparently, they have been flying low to the houses lately, every night for hours and hours over night.

"People should get together and make a complaint", the post wrote.

According to some of the comments, some Cheektowaga residents have been informed that they were security cameras and suggested that the drones are to keep an eye on car break ins. I'm sure you would feel uneasy as well if something like this was flying above your house.

UPDATE: These are not the satellites that are in the sky that form a line once in a while in Western New York.

Eric on Facebook wrote:


I know what the run of the mill basic police drone looks like for most of the security agencies. believe it's a more secretive agency that's hiding behind other named agencies but using far more advanced technology that goes beyond your basic surveillance"

A few people in Sloan chimed into the comments and said they have seen them in their direction as well. Ann wrote:

I lived in Sloan when one night 3years ago we went for a walk around the block and we noticed things in the sky. Big ones , little ones, and they even came up to my bedroom and bathroom windows. It’s crazy and it would last from evening till when the sun came up every night almost it was the same every night. We’ve called the police and spoke with high up people of Cheektowaga and Sloan and they brush it off like it’s normal.

Have you seen the drones above your house at all lately?

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