Over the years, we’ve had some incredible artists pass through our acoustic shows.  As I was thinking back on them, I realized there were some great stories that happened with these shows that people have never heard.

Like this one that happened with Jamey Johnson…

It was our Fall Acoustic Concert of 2008.  Yup…we’ve been doing these things for over 10 years now.  The lineup this time included Jimmy Wayne, Ashton Shepherd, and Jamey Johnson.  Jamey is probably known best for his song "In Color" but he has written numerous other hits for stars like George Strait (Give It Away) and Trace Adkins (Honky Tonk Badonkadonk).

If you've ever seen Jamey Johnson, he is really a tough dude.  He looks mean.  He's got long hair and and graying beard.  But truthfully, he's one of the nicest guys I've met.  He proudly served our country as a corporal in our United States Marine Corps.  And he's a huge advocate for traditional country music.  He pokes fun at hip hop and karaoke in his song, "Ray Ray's Juke Joint."  So why in the world would we take Jamey Johnson to a place where they're playing hip hop?

Well...if you read my blog about the fun time we had just a year earlier with Blake Shelton in the same place, it all makes sense.  But I don't know that this one was very well thought out.

We took Jamey Johnson over to Average Joes again.  Yeah...it didn't go the same way.  The whole band came out and they were very friendly about it, but you could tell as soon as we walked in that we had made a mistake.  It wasn't a karaoke night so all we had was the music and beer.  We all kind of stood awkwardly up against the wall and watched the crowd.  Even though he wasn't a fan of the music, he was a fan of beer.  So we drank...a lot.

The next one is coming our way tonight.  Our WYRK Fall Acoustic Show lineup is set and tickets are on sale now.  We’ve got two up and coming artists in Carley Pearce and Tyler Rich, and a very well known Nashville singer and songwriter who has written some of the most well known songs on the radio today with David Lee Murphy.

Don’t miss this one.  Get your tickets today.

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