Dear everyone who will be going to get a pizza or multiple pizzas in Western New York this Sunday,

We have finally made it to the end of the 2022 NFL schedule, with only one game left in the NFL schedule: the Super Bowl in Arizona, between the Philadelphia Eagles and the Kansas City Chiefs.

Despite the Buffalo Bills not being involved in the big game (again), the Buffalo market is always one of the top-rated markets for NFL games and the Super Bowl is no different.

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It's a holiday for many here in Western New York. The number of Super Bowl parties that happen in Buffalo on that Sunday are crazy. All the family, friends and snacks that go with it.

Pizza and wings are a must at every Super Bowl party in Buffalo. For many, it has to be that classic Buffalo-style pizza, which is cup-and-char pepperoni, extra cheese and a slightly thicker crust than New York's thin crust.

However, if you are ordering pizza and wings on Sunday for the game, just be mindful of how busy it will be and to be courteous to the workers who will be doing their best at getting all those orders cooked and served.

Don't be rude to these workers if your order isn't ready when you arrive or the congestion and line that forms. The number of orders that have to be made are crazy and it will be the most hectic day and evening of the entire year for these pizzerias.

The size of the orders too; sheet pizzas and 50-100 wing orders will cause more chaos. Just be kind to these workers and be patient when you pick up that order.

Also, a friend reminder to put that order in far beforehand. Order your pizza and wings before noon, if possible. You can then pick it up closer to game time.

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