It's hard to believe it's that time of year once again. Thanksgiving is tomorrow and the holiday season will officially get underway, as will all the stress that usually comes along with it.

One thing many of us have to do this time of year, especially on a day like today (Thanksgiving Eve), is get groceries for Thanksgiving dinner. The most popular store to do this in Buffalo is usually Wegmans.

If you've ever gone to a Wegmans the day or two before Thanksgiving, or even the morning of Thanksgiving, you know how busy it can get. Actually, scratch that, how crazy it can get.

Wegmans will be swarmed with people trying to get their Thanksgiving shopping done, along with those getting last minute items, or people trying to get their usual shopping finished before the long holiday weekend.

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It can be very frustrating going there on a day like today. Many items you want might be gone, just because everyone is going for the same items. The aisles will be crowded, as will the deli and meats section. Then you have those lines. The lines will be so long, you'll probably have to take a deep breath.

No matter how crazy it gets, just a friendly reminder to be patient and nice to the workers who are working at Wegmans or any grocery store, liquor store, corner store, and everything in between the next couple of days.

A lot of these service workers are working long hours since the stores will be so busy, and some crazy start times too. I was at Wegmans early this morning and the woman who was my cashier said she was getting into work tomorrow at 3 am, which is pretty amazing on Thanksgiving no less.

A good way to look at it is that everyone will be going through certain frustrations. It can be easy to let those frustrations get the best of you, but in the end, it'll be okay and the workers at Wegmans, Tops, 7-11, Walgreens, etc. are doing the absolute best they can on a day like today.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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