When you imagine a special night out, you think of getting some food that you normally don't eat. The main reason for that is the price of whatever food you're getting.

Steaks like filet mignon and porterhouse are something you only eat once in a blue moon. Another is lobster.

Here in Western New York, there are many great places to get seafood and that includes lobster. We're not on the coast of Maine but places here in the Buffalo area do get lobsters from Maine or the New England area, which what Hayes Seafood House does.

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Located on Main Street in Clarence, Hayes Seafood House serves up awesome haddock, shrimp, scallops, salmon and catfish. They also have lobster.

One lobster they recently got they did not want to cook and that's because it's extremely rare.

They found an orange lobster in the shipment sent to them from Massachusetts.

WGRZ reports that Hayes Seafood House found the orange lobster and at first thought it had somehow already been cooked...but then realized it was a regular red lobster, just a rare genetic mutation that turned it orange. It's a one out of 30 million shot to see an orange lobster.

They are giving the lobster to Ripley's Aquarium in Toronto, so the genetic mutation ended up saving the lobster's life!

How cool is that to see an orange lobster? We have heard of the rare blue lobster before, but I can't ever recall seeing an orange one like this.

If a lobster wants to avoid becoming food, just be a rare color!

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