Parents, you might want to re-think this. One woman learned the hard year when she was met with a lot of opposition last year.

Like always everybody on Facebook seems to have an opinion. Is this Orchard Park mom of 3 actually teaching her kids something or is she being a little over the top?

Last year, before everyone went out trick or treating one mother in Orchard Park took to Facebook to tell everybody her "tax" that she will be charging her child before they go out trick or treating.

I did not want to post the actual Facebook post so that more people can jump in to criticize, but the Facebook post said that she told her kids that she will be charging them one piece of candy for every 10 minutes that she has to be outside walking house to house with them.

Some people were in complete support of the mother, saying it is teaching the kids a little about financing and / or taxes. ( I think that it is important to note that a lot of parents also recognized that they do take their kid's candy when they are not looking anyway)

Though, A lot of the other parents were saying how ridiculous that it was that she was trying to "charge" her kids to go trick or treating and that she should just be their mother and be happy that they are out trick or treating together and making memories.

What do you think? Do you think that it was a good teachable moment or was this mother of 3 over the top in her teaching ways?

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