If you are a big fan of animated holiday shows, there is one auction that you need to know about.

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The original Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer puppet is for sale at an auction along with other popular characters from the holiday favorite.

According to the report, you now have a chance to own the Santa Claus puppet and Rudolph himself. Auction house Profiles in History estimates the pair will go for upwards of a quarter of a million dollars.

The auction kicks off November 13th.

It was just this week that we found out that ABC will not be airing the holiday movies from the Peanuts gang. Charlie Brown's Christmas and The Great Pumpkin will only be seen on Apple+ streaming and not network television. It ends a traditions that has spanned decades for families.

I get that things change. But I am a bit of a fan of nostalgia and even seeing the commercials and promos leading up to the night the shows would air was special. It was not only comforting but it also would get you in the spirit of the season! It will be interesting to see if the streaming services can pull of the same vibe.

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