The outside temperature was just 1 degree when Buffalo Sanitation Dept. workers discovered a live dog inside a garbage tote Tuesday morning in the Walden-Bailey area of the city.  The dog was described as being emaciated, with pressure sores and scars from previous wounds.

The pit bull mix is being treated at the SPCA and is improving after being given fluids.  Nicknamed Charlie by the SPCA staff, he had a body temperature of only 90 degrees and was in bad shape when he was found, but was improving throughout the day as it was being treated.

So the question is; what kind of person would place a live dog in a garbage tote and walk away?  Buffalo police and the SPCA would like to find that person.  The SPCA does accept anonymous tips at its main phone number 875-7360.

SPCA's Yelp for Help

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