The town of Cheektowaga got the nickname « Sheeptowaga » over the weekend.

A sheep got loose and was roaming around near Harlem Rd., and SPCA officers needed a little help catching the sheep. That’s when they called the West Seneca Police Department for some extra help.

Now, if you have never seen the West Seneca Police Department’s Facebook Page, you are missing out, because they always have a way of making a situation lighthearted.

« Sheep are far more elusive than they look. Trust us, we Googled it - an ewe can run 25 mph. They also swim as we found out,» the West Seneca Police Department said on Facebook.

The sheep chase went on for approximately an hour until one officer made a diving catch to stop the sheep.

That hero is Officer Milewski.

However, there were several officers working to catch the sheep.

Thankfully for body cams, you can see the heroic rescue « in all it’s glory » from the view of two of many officers working together to catch the sheep.

The West Seneca Police Department published the video on Sunday after adding some music to really complete the video. (If you can't see the video, click here.)

As of now, nobody has come forward to claim the wandering sheep, but the sheep is doing ok, eagerly awaiting for someone to claim her.

« If you’ve lost a sheep give us of the SPCA a call, » the West Seneca Police Department said in a Facebook post. « Otherwise she’s safe behind baaars. »

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