Huge news this evening out of Williamsville and the return to school for the district.

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According to WKBW, a video released by the district's Superintendent on Friday, 90 staff members have taken a leave of absence from the Williamsville School District, due to COVID-19 concerns, while another 111 staff members have resigned.

The news means big ramifications for remote-learning students.

Superintendent Dr. Scott Martzloff says that students in graded 5-12, who have chosen to conduct remote-learning this fall, have had their return to school date pushed back indefinitely.

The district will work to fill the job openings.

A total of 1,375 students have decided to conduct remote-learning, according to the Williamsville School District.

Students who will be in a hybrid model (both remote-learning and in-class instruction) will report to school on September 8th.

It has to be a wave of emotions and frustrations for all involved. The COVID-19 pandemic has caused headaches for back-to-school plans and we'll see what other school districts do in the coming weeks.

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