Over 2,000 people got on their bikes to Delaware Park to participate in the first Slow Roll of the season in Buffalo on Sunday. There were so many people, they had to shut down part of the 198 for the event. The biking community is certainly growing in WNY and Buffalo Mayor Byron Brown wants to embrace and grow it.

His plan? Add 300 miles of biking paths in Buffalo. Currently, there's less than 100 miles.

According to WGRZ here is the 'master' plan to be considered:

The master plan proposes several “catalyst” projects considered high priority for improving the city’s bicycling network. They include:

• Elmwood Avenue from Delaware Park and SUNY Buffalo State north to the Town of Tonawanda.

• Parkridge Avenue, which would provide a strong connection between the University at Buffalo’s South Campus to proposed bike lanes along Kensington Avenue.

• Intersection improvements at Kensington and Fillmore avenues, a critical link but one that is confusing and difficult for bikers to navigate.

• Delavan Avenue, a key east-west connection between Delaware Avenue and Main Street.

• Modifications along Main Street, the most direct route for people traveling from many areas of Buffalo to downtown.

• Virginia Street, an important connection that would provide comfortable travel for bicyclists.

• Utica Street, a direct east-west route that would be appealing because of the low traffic volumes.

• The intersection of Broadway, William Street and Ellicott Street, an important east-west connection.